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VLP Retirement Plan Services, Inc. pension practice is broad-based in orientation and can service clients ranging in size form less than 25 employees to Fortune 500 companies and organizations. In recent years, legislative and regulatory changes, stock market volatility and merger and acquisition activity have significantly increased the need for pension consulting. New and improved technology has made changing service providers a simple and painless process. Our services focus on the design, funding, administration and investment performance of defined contribution programs. We have abilities in every type of plan design and funding arrangement— from integrated to non-integrated plans. To assist our consultants in providing pension service to client companies, we have developed systems for fully-parameterized valuations and forecasting.

VLP Corporate Services offers complete control of your retirement plans

v High-Tech, High-Touch Services

v Plan setups, administration, record keeping

v Online access to accounts for plan sponsors and participants

v Conversion Services